Surge portrait


Damage Dealer


He's a Protector with a penchant for parties. Surge attacks foes with energy drink blasts that split in two on contact. His Super upgrades his stats in 3 stages and comes complete with totally awesome body mods!


Move speed2.17 tiles per sec.
Hit points4200
Collision radius120%
Super charge attack multiplier120%
Super charge super multiplier134%
Weapon evolvestrue


  • Juice Of Justice

    Juice Of Justice

    Surge serves a shot of Juice that splits in two on contact with enemies.

  • Party Tricks

    Party Tricks

    With each Super, Surge gets upgraded (MAX 3). Upgrades are lost when Surge is defeated. STAGE 1: Boosted movement speed STAGE 2: Increased weapon range STAGE 3: Main attack splits into 6 (instead of 2)

Star Powers

  • To The Max!

    To The Max!

    Surge's main attack now splits when hitting walls.

  • Serve Ice Cold

    Serve Ice Cold

    Surge keeps his STAGE 1 Super upgrade for the full match duration.


  • Power Surge

    Power Surge

    Surge overloads his circuits and teleports a short distance forward.