Spike portrait


Damage Dealer


Spike throws cactus grenades that send needles flying, and a show-stopping Super: a field of cactus spines that slows down and damages enemies!


Move speed2.40 tiles per sec.
Hit points3600
Collision radius120%
Super charge attack multiplier103%
Super charge super multiplier125%


  • Needle Grenade

    Needle Grenade

    Spike fires off a small cactus that explodes, shooting spikes in different directions.

  • Stick Around!

    Stick Around!

    Spike lobs a thorny grenade. Enemies caught in the blast area take damage and are slowed down.

Star Powers

  • Fertilize


    After using Super, Spike regenerates 800 health per second by staying in its area of effect.

  • Curveball


    Spikes from the cactus grenade fly in a curving motion, making it easier to hit targets.


  • Popping Pincushion

    Popping Pincushion

    Spike shoots 3 waves of needles in all directions, dealing 520 damage per hit.

  • Life Plant

    Life Plant

    Spike grows a large cactus with 3500 health to give cover to friendlies. If destroyed, the cactus bursts, and all nearby friendlies recover 1000 health.