Rico portrait



Super Rare

Rico fires a burst of bullets that bounce off walls. His Super burst is a long barrage of bouncy bullets that pierce targets!


Move Speed2.40 tiles per sec.
Hit Points3920
Collision Radius120%
Super Charge Attack Multiplier105%
Super Charge Super Multiplier105%


  • Bouncy Bullets

    Bouncy Bullets

    Rico's bullets bounce off walls, gaining range. They can hit enemies behind cover.

  • Trick Shot

    Trick Shot

    Rico fires a long burst of bullets that pierce through enemies and bounce off walls, gaining range.

Star Powers

  • Super Bouncy

    Super Bouncy

    Rico's bullets, from attack and Super alike, get supercharged by their first bounce and deal +124 damage!

  • Robo Retreat

    Robo Retreat

    When Rico falls below 34% health, he runs 40% faster!


  • Multiball Launcher

    Multiball Launcher

    Rico blasts waves of bouncy bullets in all directions.

  • Bouncy Castle

    Bouncy Castle

    Rico's next attack will heal him for 250 health from each bounce of a projectile.