Poco portrait




Poco fires damaging sound waves at enemies. His Super can heal both Poco himself and his teammates!


Move Speed2.40 tiles per sec.
Hit Points5600
Collision Radius120%
Super Charge Attack Multiplier120%
Super Charge Super Multiplier150%


  • Power Chord

    Power Chord

    Poco strums his guitarrón, sending forward bone-jarring sound waves. Enemies hit by the waves take damage.

  • Encore


    Poco heals himself and all friends he can reach with his uplifting melody. Does not affect enemies.

Star Powers

  • Da Capo!

    Da Capo!

    When Poco's attack hits friendly Brawlers they now heal for 700 health.

  • Screeching Solo

    Screeching Solo

    Poco's Super now also hits enemies, dealing 1000 damage.

  • Musical Cleanse

    Musical Cleanse

    Poco's attacks remove all slow, stun, poison and burn effects from any teammates they hit.


  • Tuning Fork

    Tuning Fork

    Poco and all nearby allies heal 400 health per second for 5 seconds.

  • Protective Tunes

    Protective Tunes

    Removes active adverse effects from friendly brawlers in a large area and gives a 2 second immunity.