Penny portrait



Super Rare

Penny shoots bags of coins, damaging the target and anyone standing behind. Her Super is a mortar-style cannon turret!


Move Speed2.40 tiles per sec.
Hit Points4760
Collision Radius120%
Super Charge Attack Multiplier93%
Super Charge Super Multiplier100%


  • Plunderbuss


    Shoots out a pouch of fool's gold. If the pouch hits an enemy, it bursts and coins pepper targets behind the first enemy.

  • Old Lobber

    Old Lobber

    Penny sets up her cannon! It can shoot at enemies at a long range, even if they are behind cover.

Star Powers

  • Last Blast

    Last Blast

    When Penny's Cannon is destroyed, it shoots out one last barrage of (???) bombs targeting nearby enemies, each dealing 1680 damage.

  • Balls of Fire

    Balls of Fire

    Cannonballs from Penny's turret set the ground on fire for 3 seconds. Enemies in the burning area take 400 damage per second!


  • Pocket Detonator

    Pocket Detonator

    Penny blows up her cannon! The explosion destroys walls and deals 1500 damage to nearby enemies.

  • Captain's Compass

    Captain's Compass

    Penny calls an artillery strike from her Cannon to her current location.