Mr. P portrait

Mr. P

Damage Dealer


Mr. P is a disgruntled luggage handler who angrily hurls suitcases at opponents. His Super calls robo-porters to help him.


Move speed2.40 tiles per sec.
Hit points4500
Collision radius120%
Super charge attack multiplier93%
Super charge super multiplier86%


  • Your Suitcase, Sir!

    Your Suitcase, Sir!

    Mr. P throws a heavy suitcase with angry intent. Upon hitting an obstacle or reaching maximum range, the suitcase bounces and lands with a bang, dealing area damage.

  • Porters! Attack!

    Porters! Attack!

    Mr. P deploys the home base for his robo-porters. He has reprogrammed the small penguin-head robots to attack and harass opponents (and unruly guests).

Star Powers

  • Handle With Care

    Handle With Care

    Every (???) seconds, the explosion damage of Mr. P's next overstuffed suitcase is increased by (???)%.

  • Revolving Door

    Revolving Door

    All robo-porters from the home base now have 3% more health and (???)% higher damage.


  • Service Bell

    Service Bell

    Mr. P buffs his current porter by increasing its damage by 150 and health by 1000.

  • Porter Reinforcements

    Porter Reinforcements

    The next attack will spawn a weak porter where the attack lands.


Hit points2200
Collision radius120%
Range13.33 tiles