Grom portrait


Damage Dealer


Watchman Grom's priority is to keep guard. He throws his trusty radio at his enemies. His Super is a big bad bomb that breaks walls and pushes back enemies!


Move speed2.40 tiles per sec.
Hit points4500
Collision radius120%
Super charge attack multiplier75%
Super charge super multiplier48%


  • Bud Go Boom!

    Bud Go Boom!

    Grom hurls Bud, his exploding walkie-talkie! The blast moves in the shape of a cross, hurting enemies caught in its path.

  • Grom Bomb

    Grom Bomb

    Grom launches a devastating bomb with Bud's help! The Grom Bomb inflicts huge damage, breaks walls and the force from its blast pushes all enemies backwards.

Star Powers

  • Foot Patrol

    Foot Patrol

    When Grom's Super is fully charged, he gains +15% faster movement speed!

  • X-Factor


    The split from Grom's main attack deals up to +30% extra damage at max distance.


  • Watchtower


    Grom ejects a Watchtower from his Grom Bomb that gives all allies sight into bushes over a large area. The watchtower slowly loses health over time.

  • Radio Check

    Radio Check

    Grom's next attack throws 3 Buds in rapid succession.