Fang portrait


Damage Dealer


Fang kicks first and he kicks fast. His main attack is a hefty kick that sends his shoe flying! Fang's Super is a powerful kick that will chain hit multiple enemies who are close together.


Move speed2.57 tiles per sec.
Hit points6750
Collision radius145%
Super charge attack multiplier72%
Super charge super multiplier67%


  • Wu-Shoe


    Fang unleashes a swift kick with a hidden trick. If the kick misses the target, his shoe will fly off his foot!

  • Sneak Ahead

    Sneak Ahead

    Fang flies into a nasty kick that upon contact, can chain a further 3 consecutive kicks to nearby enemies.

Star Powers

  • Fresh Kicks

    Fresh Kicks

    When Fang defeats an enemy with his Super, it's recharged instantly. Allowing him to use his Super again!

  • Divine Soles

    Divine Soles

    Reduce 500 damage from incoming hits once every 3 seconds. Maximum reduction is 90% of the incoming damage.


  • Corn-Fu


    Fang tosses a handful of corn kernels into the air, making it rain popcorn! Each kernel pop deals 500 damage.

  • Roundhouse Kick

    Roundhouse Kick

    Fang spins and hits all enemies around him, stunning them for 1 seconds.