Colette portrait


Damage Dealer


Colette is going to get you! She taxes opponents' health and has fancy moves to boot.


Move speed2.40 tiles per sec.
Hit points5100
Collision radius120%
Super charge attack multiplier100%
Super charge super multiplier100%


  • Taxing Shot

    Taxing Shot

    Colette fires a shot that takes what you owe! And the more you have, the more you owe.

  • Time To Collect

    Time To Collect

    Colette makes a dash forth and back, dealing taxing damage to everyone in her path, based on their maximum health.

Star Powers

  • Push It

    Push It

    All enemy brawlers hit by Colette's charge are carried to the farthest point of the attack!

  • Mass Tax

    Mass Tax

    Colette's super gives her a 20% shield for 10 seconds. Every enemy brawler hit by it will add 5% more protection.


  • Na-Ah!


    Colette's next shot deals extra 1000 damage.

  • Gotcha!


    On activation, Colette's shots heal herself for 5 seconds for 80% of the damage dealt.