Buzz portrait




Buzz is the lifeguard at Velocirapids. He constantly scans for folks in trouble he can throw his torpedo buoy to, but his throws are rather overenthusiastic.


Move speed2.57 tiles per sec.
Hit points6300
Collision radius120%
Super charge attack multiplier96%
Super charge super multiplier100%


  • Buzz Off

    Buzz Off

    Buzz blows on his lifeguard whistle, piercing nearby ears five times in an arc.

  • Torpedo Throw

    Torpedo Throw

    Buzz throws out his torpedo buoy. If it hits an opponent or a wall, Buzz hauls himself over there, stunning nearby opponents where he lands.

Star Powers

  • Tougher Torpedo

    Tougher Torpedo

    The minimum duration of Buzz's Super stun is increased by 0.5 seconds.

  • Eyes Sharp

    Eyes Sharp

    Buzz's Super charging area is increased by 33%.


  • Reserve Buoy

    Reserve Buoy

    Instantly fills the Super meter, but the next Torpedo Throw doesn't stun opponents.