Bo portrait



Trophy Road

Bo fires three explosive arrows toward his targets. His Super ability places a trio of hidden, explosive mines on the ground!


Move Speed2.40 tiles per sec.
Hit Points5040
Collision Radius120%
Super Charge Attack Multiplier80%
Super Charge Super Multiplier93%


  • Eagle-Eyed


    Bo releases a trio of exploding arrows, tearing up enemies like an eagle's talons.

  • Catch a Fox

    Catch a Fox

    Bo hides explosive traps in the ground. When triggered by an enemy, the traps explode after a short delay, knocking back and damaging enemies.

Star Powers

  • Circling Eagle

    Circling Eagle

    Bo spots enemies hidden in bushes from 150% longer distance than normally.

  • Snare a Bear

    Snare a Bear

    Instead of a knockback, Bo's traps now stun the enemy for 2 seconds!


  • Super Totem

    Super Totem

    Bo places a totem that recharges his and any allies' Supers within the area of effect. The totem slowly loses its health over time.

  • Tripwire


    Bo triggers all of his mines after 1.5 seconds. During the delay the mines are completely undetectable to opponents.