Belle portrait


Damage Dealer


Belle inspires adoration in her gang, while her Electo-Rifle brings shock and awe to any opponent!


Move speed2.40 tiles per sec.
Hit points3900
Collision radius120%
Super charge attack multiplier84%
Super charge super multiplier200%


  • Shocker


    Belle shoots a long range Electro-Bolt, dealing damage to any target hit. After a short delay, the bolt will jump to any nearby target, deal damage and jump to the next one.

  • Spotter


    Belle fires a spotting shot that marks any opponent it hits. The marked opponent takes extra damage from any source. Only one target can be marked at a time.

Star Powers

  • Positive Feedback

    Positive Feedback

    Belle gains a 20% shield whenever her Electro-Bolts hit a target.

  • Grounded


    Getting marked by Belle's Super prevents the opponent from reloading their attack for 3 seconds.


  • Nest Egg

    Nest Egg

    Belle places a trap on the ground that will explode when triggered by an opponent. The trap deals 500 damage, and slows down anyone within its blast radius for 3 seconds.

  • Reverse Polarity

    Reverse Polarity

    Belle's next Electro-Bolt bounces from walls.